Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Good Start to January

So I set some lofty goals for 2014.  After 5 days, I have seen about 69 birds and I can't believe how strong by start has been.  I've gotten some great birds!  First was some great looks at a local snowy owl that's been showing off blocks from downtown New Haven.  I've had a real wealth of owls this year.  Snowy, Great Horned, Screech, and Barred have all found a place on to my year list.  I feel very lucky to have shared some space with this birds.  Definitely feeling the unicorn effect when it comes to these birds.

To start the year off, I've included some pictures of the Snowy Owl I got to see a few days ago.  The bird gave us great looks and we left it alone after a while.  After walking out onto a great pier and braving the wind, we noticed that the Snowy Owl was no more than 15 feet from the car.  Seeing such a beautiful bird is such an amazing experience.  After enjoying the bird, we quickly packed up and left.  We didn't want to alarm the several gulls and other birds in the harbor to see and then bother the Snowy Owl.

The Owl was hiding right by the parking lot

There's something going on with his eye, any ideas?

Life List: 327 (73 to go!)
CT Year List: 69 (156 to go!)
Goal Birds: None

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