Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Given my summer schedule, birding has become harder and harder.  I have managed to sneak out a few times and even got a couples of lifers! The one i'll talk about today is the Mississippi Kite.  The MIKI was a bird has shown up in CT but I always managed to miss.  Finding in Georgia was just as sweet though!  This particular MIKI was flying and trying out some acrobatics in the morning with a partner.  What a great way to start the morning.  These birds had some insects for breakfast and I was treated to show!  

Until the next, get out and go birding!

Mississippi Kite Flying

Sitting and Waiting

Turning its back on me

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A little New England...

I recently made a stop back in CT to see some friends and family, and get my daughter baptized!  The trip also provided an opportunity to catch up with some CT birds.  I visited some great sites including The Bent of the River, Mondo Pond and Milford Point.  It was a great opportunity to catch up with some CT birders and birding.  Some of the highlights are below.
Barred Owl on a nest

Piping Plover in a Marsh

Seeing these familiar sites was awesome.  It was like visiting old friends.  They had great treasures and awesome sights to share in once again.  Seeing the Piping Plovers in the marsh, warblers in the field, and gulls were happy sights!  What are some of your favorite old sites to visit?

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Near Misses

Here are some of my pictures that haven't made it to the front page!  Here are some of my misses from this past migration!  So instead of saying it was my bad photography, i've made up some new Warblers!

A Louisiana Waterthrush
This bird is the " Leaf Warbler" (LEAF).  Hiding behind limbs and branches like a leaf, the "leaf warbler" has filled many SD cards and fueled the frustration of many a birder/photographer.  The Leaf Warbler becomes virtually ubiquitous by June.

A Kentucky Warbler
The "Blurry Warbler" (BLUW) is exhibited here.  Despite close proximity the Blurry Warbler has the ability the fool even the best of cameras and photographers.  A defense mechanism developed due to super attuned senses and reflexes.  Without any warning, a Blurry Warbler can sneak up into your frame of reference and disturb your photos.

Prothonotary Warbler
The "Out of Focus Warbler" is seen in the distance.  This warbler remains off in the distance in order to fill your camera.  The Out of Focus Warbler (OOFW) can distinguish between binoculars and camera.  They will appear perfectly well in our binoculars but will immediately distort itself at the very sight of a camera.  

Common Yellowthroat
This is a bird butt.  Sometimes this is the best any of us can do. 

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