Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Merlin Magic

Merlins are tiny falcons that prey on all sorts of mammals and birds.  As I was birding some turf farms and as I was counting starlings, cowbirds and other blackbirds, I realized I was going to have to subtract my count by one.  A Raptor had come and grabbed one of the birds.  At first, I had assumed that the culprit was a Coopers or a Sharpie, but then as I got closer, I saw that I was eyeing a Merlin.

Merlins are vicious little falcons and this that can eat a variety of prey.  This one took me a while to ID because the chest was so much lighter, but as you can see from these pics, the light mustache eliminates non-falcon raptors.  The lack of barring and size confirm that this bird is a Merlin and my first Georgia Merlin at that.  I've seen a few in New England, but getting one in my new home was very exciting.

Along with explore new places, seeing new state birds helps a place feel more like home.  Seeing this Merlin, who by now has reached his wintering spot, added a great falcon to my state list.  Hopefully, there will be more birds to add to my state list

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Also Blog Post #200 is coming up, how should I commemorate this occasion?


  1. Oh dear ...yours got some dinner. The one I had come to my garden last week just had to be satisfied with looking in a lilac at some sparrows....hah....he didn't get anybody thank goodness!!

  2. Beautiful bird. Still on my life list!