Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ABA Bird of the Year: Green Heron

The Green Heron is this year's ABA Bird of the Year and was announced in both English and Spanish posts by the ABA.  To me, the bird chosen was a homerun, Green Heron's are beautiful and smart birds that fun to watch and observe.  The fact that the announcement was in Spanish meant a lot to me as well on a variety of levels.

Any attempt to reach out to underrepresented groups means a lot to me and when its my own group, I have a strong investment in those efforts.  Reaching out to Latino communities can really provide a lot to the birding community across North America.  If for no other reason that our beloved birds need help with conservation across Latin America and having a strong Latino community in the US will help those efforts.  Another blogger/birder post about the rules for the Black Birder has made quite a stir in some birding circles and has been ignored in others.  Its hard to see how our social issues affect our feathered friends, but its clear to me that if we don't reach out to new groups and new birders, our society will be poorer for it and our birds will lose human defenders.  For these reasons, I hope we can all agree that while a good birder is a good birder, we'll all be better birders if there are more of us around.  Until the next time... get out and go birding!

A Green Heron on a muddy bank

He was hoping I didn't see him

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  1. The Green Heron is one of my all time favorites.. Great post and photos.. Have a happy day!

  2. Great photos of a beautiful bird. I am sure that bird would have moved very fast if it could see prey somewhere close.

  3. Great photos of a handsome bird. Interesting video too.

  4. Well said! Love the green heron, and your photo is great!

  5. I think this is a delightful bird to have been chosen. I am missing the pair that frequented this area~

  6. Love green herons and do see them here in Sw Florida. Read in our paper here that it was bird of the year. Know nothing about the ABA though, being an amateur birder. Very interesting to read your info about it. Would certainly agree with the need to reach out. I can always use the help! Have always found fellow birders so helpful whether meeting in real or virtual life.

  7. Great advice and I'm glad they are extending their language options for others to enjoy birding. Like you, I feel birding should be for everyone. Wonderful pics of a cool Green Heron. They are stinkers for pics:)