Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Given my summer schedule, birding has become harder and harder.  I have managed to sneak out a few times and even got a couples of lifers! The one i'll talk about today is the Mississippi Kite.  The MIKI was a bird has shown up in CT but I always managed to miss.  Finding in Georgia was just as sweet though!  This particular MIKI was flying and trying out some acrobatics in the morning with a partner.  What a great way to start the morning.  These birds had some insects for breakfast and I was treated to show!  

Until the next, get out and go birding!

Mississippi Kite Flying

Sitting and Waiting

Turning its back on me

Wild Bird Wednesday - Link here


  1. Awesome sighting and photos. Congrats on your lifers.

  2. Yes congrats! I used to chase that bird as well. They can be tricky!