Sunday, April 29, 2012

Warbler Wary

As I get ready for a weekend of birding and to be more honest, a weekend of warbler-ing, I am excited about facing such a big challenge of identifying such a diverse group of birds.  I'm currently reading Kaufman's Advanced Guide to Birding (Link: and it stresses the need for developing good field notes.  When I went through Education training, I did a lot of work on observing and what do observation.  Yet in the field, I am drawn between the dynamic of do I stay  and take detailed notes and sketches, or do I move on to try and find more birds.  I think once migration season is over, I'll take some time to do some detailed notes of some well-known birds.

That might make for some great posts.  I'll put on my detailed notes and drawings and I'd love feedback on how my powers of observation could use improving and what can I do.  Until then, go birding!

Outing #29
Black-and-White Warbler LB
Glossy Ibis LB
House Wren LB

2012 Total: 133 (67 left to goal)

Lift List Total: 161 (39 left to goal)

Two images of a Glossy Ibis and a Purple Sandpiper:

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