Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Birding!

I went to visit several new parks. One of these parks used to be Public Water land and were converted into trails and public space.  I am always a fan of  private land being converted into public spaces.  Parks always improve the quality of the lives of the people who live near them and visit them.  Usage, of course, is key to the success and liveliness of any park.  Not all parks are for people of course, wildlife refuges are great uses of any space and can improve the health of the environment and impact the people who live there.  This park is definitely a place I want to go back and visit again.  I got a Hermit Thrush which was a new Life Bird for me. Woodpeckers were also all over the place and Woodpeckers are some of my favorite birds.  I also got a Pine Warbler at the site.

I also visited the Jamaica Bay NWR this weekend.  A great place to visit!  Barn Owls were nesting on site so they were a great pick up for my year and life list.  The other great pick up at the sight were tons of great shore birds.  Cormorants, Ruddy Ducks, Oystercatchers, Shovelers and Egrets were all over the place.  For a day off, there were also

The Last day of the Birding Extravaganza Weekend was a real doozy.  3 Parks, and many many birds.  I saw some of my favorites and some new ones.  The Larson Sanctuary was full of birds.  I saw my first Brown Creeper for the year and Northern Gannets which I hadn't seen since Whale Watching last year.  Big and powerful birds.  I  got 2 life birds yesterday.  But the Big news for me yesterday were all the Hermit Thrushes I saw.  5 individuals in total!  My kingdom for a telephoto lens!  A great weekend for birding and I can't wait to get out there again and see more birds

Outing #24:
Part 1
Hermit Thrush LB
Pine Warbler
Yellow Bellied Sapsucker
Part 2
Barn Owl LB
Brown-Headed Cowbird
Great Egret
Palm Warbler
Part 3
Brown Creeper
Horned Grebe LB
Northern Gannet
Winter Wren LB

2012 Total: 115!

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