Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Life Bird

So, I decided to take a break from owling (for now) and went looking for some shore birds.  I visited some local ponds after X-mas breakfast.  I was looking for a local Wilson's Snipe that had been reported.  I never had much luck with birds like Snipes and Woodcocks.  I got my first Woodcock earlier in the fall and I was excited that the prospect of another worth ducking out of some holiday activities to see the Snipe.  (video below)  I took my dad out with me and he's a beginning birder.  So we talked a bit as we searched and scanned the grasses along the pond.  We found nothing at first, but decided to walk around the park to see what we could find.  Of course at that moment the Snipe flys off!  He's was right below us the whole time.  Fortunately, I was able to re-locate him and take the video below.  The wind was cold that day, but it was worth it to get this bird.

I ended 2012 with a good year in birding.  My life list topped out at 254 and I am looking forward to improving my skills and getting to enjoy more of nature.  I'll have another post on about my 2013 goals.  So for the moment, enjoy scenes from the life of a Wilson's Snipe!

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