Saturday, July 6, 2013

Birding on a Whale Watching Trip

This past weekend we went to the fine city of Gloucester for a Whale Watch.  It wasn't the most productive trip in terms of both whales and birds.  I did manage to get 2 life birds.  A single Sooty Shearwater and a few Wilson's Storm-Petrels flying around.  There were a great number of Great Black-Backed Gulls flying around and one immature Northern Gannet.

Despite the Birds, there were a few causes for concern.  First, was that it took a while to find birds and whales.  We had to go out about 25 miles out to see some whales.  There were only 2 whales out and about.  I imagine that we were out there with half whale watching boats in northern Mass.  We were out there with easily 5 boats, including 2 from the New England Aquarium.  It is a little troubling that there were so few whales and birds out there.  I will be doing another trip towards the end of the month so I will write an update then!   Go Birding!

A Molting Common Eider
Gloucester, MA skyline
The Humpback Whale called Nile (Look at her Left Fin)
Everyone was really excited to see her
I was real excited to see this Wilson's Storm Petrel... No one else cared (besides my wife who snapped the photo)

2013 Year List: 233
Life List: 310
Recent Additions:
Wilson's Storm Petrel
Sooty Shearwater

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