Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Birding a State Park

Can you spot the Scarlet Tanager?

How about the Green Heron?

Can you spot the peep?

Where's the Northern Water Snake?

A Beaver in CT

In search of a Mississippi Kite in Connecticut took me and my wife to Great Pond State Park in northern Connecticut.  We weren't expecting much to be honest.  The Park was off the beaten path and we had only heard about it due to the sighting of a Mississippi Kite in the Region.  While we always enjoy a walk in the woods, we weren't expecting to find such a vibrant park.  Within minutes of parking the car, we found a Veery and some Black Capped Chickadees.  As we walked towards the pond, a kettle pond created by a glacier, we noticed a real abundance of life and biodiversity.  There were tons of mosquitoes, dragonflies, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals around along with a great diversity of plant life.

While we dipped on the Mississippi Kite, we discovered a superb state park.  Connecticut is lucky to have a great number of state parks.  I am lucky to enjoy them and use them as I go hunt for the Kite and other birds throughout the summer!  So get out there and go birding!

2013 List: 234
Louisiana Waterthrush

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