Friday, November 8, 2013

ABA Rarity in My Backyard

While the Barnacle Goose is no longer my nemesis, hearing that one was in my backyard made me excited to add this rarity to my CT list.  The challenges of going on a wild goose chase are great.  You have to be prepared to sort through hundreds and hundreds of Canada Goose to find 1 or 2 odd balls out.  This particular challenge has to be one of bird's equivalents to finding a needle in a haystack.

Nonetheless, the possibility of adding a Barnacle Goose to my CT list not only makes the task doable, it makes it exciting!  Although getting a Cackling, Snow, Greater-White Fronted, Pink Footed Geese also fall into this category, I guess it doesn't take much to get me to look at a group of Canada Geese.  Back to the story.  I drove to the site where this flock of 450~500 Canadas had been hanging out and I hunkered myself down for a long search.  I scanned, scanned, and scanned... then I scanned, scanned, and scanned some more...

Then I realized the Barnacle Goose was no more than 75ft in front of me...  There's nothing like seeing an ABA rarity fairly close.  After locating the bird several other birders popped by and were able to enjoy it before it was scared off by a manure truck.  Of course, without the manure truck, the field wouldn't attract these birds.  Its also worth noting that also without the truck, the field would be a new development!

I was able to snap some photos before dipping on another bird that showed up in CT, a Short-Eared Owl.  While I never like dipping, it does give a much better appreciation when do get to see rare bird.  Until the next outing, enjoy some great shouts of a Barnacle Goose!

The Rare Barnacle Goose

Profile Shot of the Barnacle Goose

The Rarity is Flying Away!

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  1. That's so awesome! Great photo of the goose in flight, too!