Sunday, February 2, 2014

Roughing the Birder!

Flag on the play.  Roughing the birder.  Loss of 5 yards.  Repeat 3rd down!

Not quite the call you'd hear on field today for the Super Bowl.  But cold weather can be rough on birders.  So when Connecticut's Weather was going to hit mid to high 40's I made sure to get out and about!   I dipped on the Mew Gull that had been seen in Southbury, so I won't bore you with that story.  Long story short, I am now more than familiar with Ring-Billed Gulls than I was before.  

Yesterday morning, I got to add a couple birds to my state, year and even life list.  The Rough-Legged Hawk, a smallish buteo of marshs, was something that had eluded me during the winter.  I finally got to add this magnificent buteo to my life, state, and year list.  We found the RLHA in the area of the park called the sparrow lanes.  This also allowed us to spend some time look at and practice identifying sparrows.  At first we were just seeing American Tree and Song Sparrows.  Then we got two lucky birds.  An Eastern Meadowlark flew in and then we found a Chipping Sparrow!  Great Day of birding, even without a Mew Gull...

Rough-Legged Hawk over looking Silver Sands SP

A Close up shot

Can you find the Grey Ghost?

Rabbit Tracks in the Snow

2014 Year List: 115 (135 to go)
CT Year List: 110 (115 to go)
Notable Additions:
Eastern Meadowlark
Cackling Goose
Rough-Legged Hawk (A Lifer)

Life List: 329! (71 to go!)

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