Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow Day, Art Day

How to spend a snow day?  Well, without a feeder nearby and low visibility, I decided to use my time as productively as possible.  Grade?  Nope.  Sort through photos and make edits?  Well, that too, but I dedicated some time to drawing and studying bird diagrams and photos and making my own sketches.  While there is no substitute for being in the field and making astute and well reasoned and guided observations, I learned a lot making my sketches and drawings.  Being stuck inside meant that I had to turn to some of the greats out there.  I poured over books, images, and even resorted to using Google Images (c) to find some good images to practice learning the bird form:

How I spent a snow day in Connecticut:

Practicing Parts of a Gull found in Kaufmann's Advanced Birding Guide

Iceland Gull in Dunn's Peterson's Gulls of America

Benches on Whitney Ave in New Haven, CT

Bonaparte's Gull after a photo found on

What do you think of these drawings?  While I can't honestly say that I'd trade a day outside for one inside, it is important not to waste any time being frustrated with the weather.  Until next time!