Thursday, March 13, 2014

Book Review: Faith of Cranes

I recently finished Hank Lentfer's Faith of Cranes after the recommendation of a good friend of mine.  The book was a great look at the environmental, usage issues, changing communities, and life across multiple generations and moments.  Lentfer's idea of justice is deeply entrenched in how his mentors and his child see the land and space they inhabit.  These themes carry great importance and insights for everyone today.

The idea of transgenerations view is important to Lentfer's writing.  His stories about being on islands, hunting, hearing cranes, and sharing vension across time while sharing space and memories with the past and future of his family.  It is truly something akin to magic realism except that I might call it something like living memory writing.  Spaces and stories loop back and forth and together weave a vivid story about the Alaskan Wilderness.  This trans-generational element to Lentfer's writing allows for the reader to see the value the land has and can return to if we value it.

Lentfer's writing is easy on the eyes and deeper than it looks.  It is worth the read and will provide great food for thought for hours and days after you read it.  If you can't get outside, then pick up this great book!

Faith of Cranes
(C) Hank Lentfer and Montaineer Books

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  1. Jesus,

    Thanks for the generous review. Nice to know my book found a new home on the other side of the continent.

    Heard a winter wren singing near the creek this morning. First birdsong I've heard in over six months. About sprained my ankle scrambling off the porch to get a closer listen. But snow is melting and soon cranes and then the dense glorious chorus of songbirds will fill the now still meadow. Thanks goodness for those flitting, feathered bundles of life.



    1. Hank,

      It was a truly wonderful book. Birdsongs matter so much to me. Learning how to distinguish and really listen to sounds helps me feel better connected to nature. I heard a Fox Sparrow sing the other day. It was such an odd song for me to hear as they don't breed here in CT and exciting to learn something new. Thanks again for a wonderful book!