Monday, March 31, 2014

Finding a Red-Necked Grebe

The COA Meeting was this past weekend.  And while I do love hearing intellectual discussions and the latest research on birds and birding, I had to leave to catch a flight.  But I didn't want to leave without doing some birding first.  It was a hard call to make because the lineup at COA is always so good.  I highly recommend going to COA or any local bird club meeting if you have the opportunity.  I've attached a link to COA at the end of this post.  So I left and drove not to far away to try for Wilson's Snipe and Red-necked Grebe.  

While I dipped out on the Wilson's Snipe, I finally got a Red-Necked Grebe.  This view was much more satisfying that my last.  The RNGR then was on a huge reservoir, in non-breeding plumage, and difficult to see because of the weather.  This one was still a little far off, but not that far, the weather was a little overcast, but that made colors easy to see, and this RNGR was in breeding plumage.  A little spot of flashy red and white colors that went well along side Common Mergansers.

Hopefully the next few outings will provide some more sightings for me and better pictures.  Until the next time!  Get out and go birding!

Close up of the Red-Necked Grebe and a Common Merganser

The Connecticut River!

Connecticut Ornithological Association - Link here

Red-Necked Grebe on All About Birds - Link here


  1. Hard to see the bird!
    Interesting photos!

  2. Hi Finding the Grebe is the problem!

  3. I love the Grebes! Great finds, the water looks choppy! Enjoy your week and happy April!

  4. He is tough to see in the choppy water. Great job spotting him!

  5. Glad you were able to find the RNGR! I have yet to see one. Good suggestion to hook up with a local birding organization!