Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Education of Mr. Sibley and his Guide

I am finally getting around to posting a review of the new edition of the Sibley Guide.  I was lucky enough that a local Audubon Chapter and Bird Shop hosted David himself to present his new book and all the work he's done recently.  The talk began with Mr Sibley beginning to talk about how he became interested in making a bird guide. From a young age, Sibley enjoyed drawing birds and was encouraged by several people.  In College, he found the education lacking and decided to pursue the observation of birds as a full-time pursuit.  Once again, Sibley found himself, albeit with some time, supported and encouraged.  His passions and dedication to art continued to become more apparent.  I wondered how different the world would be if more and more people received the same encouragement/patience/opportunity as Sibley had.  Quite different indeed...

But to the guide.  The first thing that hits when you look at the new guide are the colors.  The colors are much more vivid and the contrasts are more stark in comparison to the first edition.  While I could go on and complain about specific colors, I think that I will focus on how much better and clear writings and descriptions paired with better and clearer field markers.  While the pictures are great, the writings are what really stood out to be in this guide.  Check out the first few pages on gulls and flycatchers if you want to see the guide at its best!  Sibley's Guide to Birds is a great part of anyone's library.  Until the next time, get outside and go birding!

Hearing the Author speak

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