Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Non-Warbler Special: Shorebirds

While warbler neck begins to strike the Birders of North America, other poor birds are ignored.  This tragedy can be reserved though.  Don't just look up, take some time and look down.  While walking a trail in a Connecticut Warbler Hotspot, I found a Solitary Sandpiper strutting around.  It was a great find for me in a park most noted for its warblers.

Its worth checking out a beach or two over the next few weeks.  Lots of birds will be using beaches to prepare for nesting and as staging grounds for migration.  They are important habitats for any number of species.  They are also hotly contested areas too.  Developers also see them as key habitats.  But that is a bit off topic.  Enjoy the Warblers and enjoy all the birds!

Happy Mothers Day and Go Birding!

Snowy Egret and a Yellowlegs!

Solitary Sandpiper

Silhouette of a Solitary Sandpiper

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