Sunday, July 13, 2014

Non-Birding Post: Butterflies and Moths!

I don't know my bugs as well as I should.  You can see the evidence of this below.  Butterflies and Moths are awesome bugs.  While I am definitely still learning my bugs, I am definitely getting better all the time.  I picked up Kenn Kaufman's Nature Guide to New England (Link here) and started looking through the guide.  Identifying Butterflies and Moths can be challenging.  They flutter like hummingbirds and kinglets!  In fact there's even a hummingbird moth!  They have a wind range of colors and habitats.  I am going to endeavor to try and learn my butterflies and moths.

I've included a website that I will use along with other books and documents

Any tips about identifying Butterflies?

A Red Admiral

A Mourning Cloak

A Moth... Not sure

Here's some more info from the Brain Scoop:

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  1. Your red admiral is a Silver-spotted skipper! Nice post, it's good to see birders into other topics as well.