Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Birding Had Me a Blast

I am writing this during a busy summer.  Summer is a great time to bird and be in nature.  The better challenge might be funding a time that isn't so great to be outside and exploring.  But it's summer and I find myself focusing on the  birds that are around now.  Namely breeding birds.   There are a few vagrants around but most time is supreme finding critters that are sticking around with their nests.  . 

A nasty of barn swallows at a local park.   These barn swallows were ready to pop out of their nest.  Literally. Mom and dad asking with the other parents and adults keep close eyes I  these youngsters.  They are ready to buzz and defend against any and all who approach.  Birds will protect their nest and it is important to recognize this behavior to protect the bird.

Can you find the American Avocet in the Picture? (C) Not my Photo!

A Double Crested Coromorant in Central Park

What's your favorite part about summer birding?  Post it below!  Until the next time, get out and go birding!

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  1. The swallows are cute, great sightings and photos.