Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Eastern Kingbirds are quite Democratic

Eastern Kingbirds or tyrannus tyrannus are fairly common flycatchers of East of the Rockies.  Kingbirds have an awesome black and white contrast going on.  Their key look is their white chest and the white tip to their tail.  They seem to enjoy wet habitats.  Its probably good for cultivating their main food source, flies.  They are pretty adaptable birds as you find them across different habitats and they have such a huge range.  Kingbirds, like most flycatchers, have their song programmed and don't learn them like warbler do.

Just a few facts about your friendly neighborhood Kingbird...

Eastern Kingbird on a branch near the nest

Eastern Kingbird watching a Pond

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  1. Very nice! Since I recently saw my first Kingbird of any kind--a Cassins Kingbird, in Utah--I found your information very interesting also. I hear they are really elusive and hard to photograph as well. Loved your photos!

  2. great photos,thanks for sharing!Phyllis