Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Marsh Wren in a Marsh, Who Knew?

Personally, I am a fan of Wrens.  A big fan.  They are awesome little birds that are adaptable, tough, and easy on the eyes.  I have a print of a Carolina Wren in my living room actually.  It is a nice print and enjoy seeing it everyday.  But back to wrens.  Marsh Wrens are another of the wrens we get in the Northeast and they live in... well... marshes.  They are very vocal and territorial.  They are often seen bounding between reeds, grasses, and other marsh plants trying to get food, protect their boundaries, and building nests.  Long story short, they work hard.  Their songs are also loud and pretty easy to hear if you are near a marsh.

I had a close encounter with a very active and vocal Marsh Wren recently.  I took advantage of his singing to take several photos of him.  His singing set off some of the other birds around the marsh too.  Red-Winged Blackbirds, Seaside and Saltmarsh Sparrows, and other birds all joined in after the Marsh Wren began singing.  He did not seem to care much that I was there for the show either.  Half a dozen other people either listened in as well, or walked right by him.  It was a great moment to share with the little critter and I wish those walking by would listen a bit more to the world around them.

Until the next time!  Get out and go birding!

Marsh Wren Singing

Dramatic Pose...

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  1. Love wrens, too. Good capture of a usually busy little bird.

  2. What cracking pictures. Absolutely brilliant!

  3. This is a sweet little bird to capture with the camera. They aren't always cooperative:) Congrats!