Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Southern Bugs not under Rugs

So I know that bugs aren't birds, but they can be just as interesting.  Being in a new place means that there are a whole host of new flora and fauna to learn.  I am not going to claim any expertise or anything about knowing insects.  I did buy my first butterfly book and I am starting to look around for a general bug book.

Here are a few shots of insects I've taken since making the move down south... Can't really tell you what they are, just that they are insects...

Who among us has taken in the hunt as birds devour their prey.  Last week, I saw a Yellow-Throated Warbler pick off a little moth that was flying between bushes.  It was a sight to see and enjoy!  If you have any favorite bugs, post them below, until next time, get outside and go Birding!

At the North Carolina Arboretum
A Skipper of some sort?

Milkweed Beetles at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve

A Moth in Athens, GA

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  1. Neat collections of bugs. Great shots of the moths..

  2. I'm a big fan of bugs myself. I take macros of bugs as often as I take telephoto shots of birds. Like the milkweed beetles for instance - such cool colors!

    Iowa Voice