Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Botanical Gardens

Quiz Bird:  What bird do you see here?

Last Week's answer?  Scarlet Tanager Juvenile.  The solid black wings and tail are the id-ing marks.

Recently I explored the State Botanical Garden of Georgia (link here) during a bird walk with the Oconee Rivers Audubon Society (link here).  The SBG are a real gem of a locale.  There are built along a site that was visited by William Bartram.  Bartram made extensive visits throughout the South in well documented journeys to try and to learn more about the natural life of the American South.

Of course, I am not on such a journey, yet.  I made my visit to really learn more about the site and the birds that live and migrate through.  This site is truly something to enjoy and explore.  The Gardens are also working on removing their invasive species and replacing them with native species.  A valiant effort and one that needs support.  Birds and insects do much better in native species.  I hope to return to the Botanical Gardens soon to learn about the native plants and fauna of Georgia.

Until next time, get out and go birding!

Eastern Wood-Pewee

Turkey Vulture

White-Eyed Vireo

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  1. Botanical gardens are great places to start learning about local wildlife and plants!

  2. Our Botonical Gardens in Chicago lead the way on getting rid of invasive species. They are very active in educating the public, but sadly, much of the public lean in with a deaf ear. It is a worthwhile fight though and glad to see that it is happening down your way as well.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  3. I love listening to the white eyed vireos!! Such a pleasant song they sing.

  4. Great variety of birds, the Vireo is one of my favorites.. Sounds like an awesome place to bird.

  5. Lovely photos, and such an interesting post!

  6. The vulture looks very impressive