Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Winter Means CBC

This will be my first non Connecticut Christmas Bird Count and I am truly excited to spend some time with some local experts and learn the hotspots.  I had been doing the New Haven CBC for a couple of years and really enjoyed my area and my team.  Getting to know the local spots and our little rituals like lunch made the New Haven CBC a real joy.  While I missed on doing the New Haven CBC, i know that the CBCs I do here in Georgia will be fun and just as awesome!

I am also excited about the idea of doing CBCs with my daughter in the future.  I know it will have to be a few years before she can go, but I can't wait to make it an important and meaningful part of our holiday routine.  Its going to be fun birding with her, doing big days, big sits, and chasing rare birds around the State.  She recently heard her first bird,  Cedar Waxwings were buzzing and eating above our heads and she looked up at the activity and noises!  What a great way to her life list with a wonderful bird like Cedar Waxwings!

Until the next time, get outside and go birding!

Swamp Sparrow

Northern Pintail

Ring-Necked Duck and a Northern Shoveler

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  1. Wonderful photos! Great you are getting in on the bird count!

  2. There were many hundreds if not thousands flocking in the big poplars near here the other week....they totally stripped the Mountain Ash Berries on the tree across the street. In quite an orderly fashion of smaller flocks fluttering down..taking a berry and leaving to go back up to the big poplar. they others would alight on the Berry tree and do the took only a matter of about 20 minutes to clean off all but 5 berries ....I counted them when they all left ...tittering away gleefully ....