Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wilson's Snipe

There are many reasons to love Wilson's Snipe.  First off, they are a shorebird that is rarely at the shore.  they are prefect reminders that adaptations in the natural world are diverse and endless.  Snipe can act like more typical shorebirds and yet never see the seashore.  Snipes are just really cool birds.  It is worth noting that the word Snipe is really fun to say very quickly and loudly.  

Snipes are really normally very secretive birds.  Recently, I had an encounter with a Wilson's Snipe in Clayton County's Huie Ponds.  This particular Snipe is really easy to spot and will display feeding behavior very clearly for people to see.  This provides for great opportunities to observe this bird and see its behavior.  The Snipes at Huie are very cooperative and I would definitely recommend going and looking at these guys to really see and observe them.

I've been spending lots of time with my daughter so birding has been limited.  While I wait for the days I can both, we do manage to do a lot of backyard birding together.  So far she loves to hear white-throated sparrows and cedar waxwings and I am hoping that she will continue to enjoy the outdoors and birds!

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  1. Super cool birds! They blend in so well. Nice work and awesome shots!

  2. Cool sighting of the Snipe! They are usually hard to find!