Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Two Crazy Goose Chases

This past weekend, I went on 2 wild goose chases.  Literal Goose chases of course, I was trying to find a Barnacle Goose that has been hanging around Northern Connecticut.  This of course meant lots of driving around an area and then, lots of looking in a area that I am not all that familiar with.  It was actually a ton of fun.  There was a great excited to going someplace new and seeing new things.  Sadly, I did not see the goose.  Both times the goose evaded me.  I did see a ton of Canada Geese though.  Not that that was anything new for me, but I hadn't seen that before, but I did enjoy seeing such a big flock of them.  The rest of the birding I did that weekend was another trip to a local state park.  Beaches in the winter are great.  Tons of Sunlight, lots of nature and few people.  During the summer only one of those statements is true.  Although you can easily find the nature by taking the trail away from the beach and looking into the marsh.  In any case, my weekend jaunt to the beach only yielded one new bird for my list, but it really gave me a chance to see and enjoy the park without many people around.
Anyone out there aver bird with their dog?

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