Friday, January 13, 2012

Another day of Cold Weather Birding

Another Day of cold weather birding. I may be making an investment in some shell pants soon. Either way, I didn't get to see anything new but saw some great birds in my nearby pond. There were gadwalls, hooded mergansers, mute swans(back to them later), an Acrobatic Hawk of some sort (my guess is a red-tailed as the tail was dark). One fun bird was a female bufflehead that was hanging out with the hooded Mergansers. As we observed and scanned the Gadwalls that were also hanging out, two mute swans started a bit of a fight. They were gesturing, being territorial and actual fighting. Well, to be fair, one was fighting, the other was getting beaten! I'll attach some more photos later. But the 2nd photo is the larger swam gesturing and chasing off the offending swam. The 1st photo is of some of the ducks that found their way to the pond.

Outing #6
Common Merganser

2012 Total: 39

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