Sunday, January 8, 2012

An Unfinished Task...

Today was another spent looking for the Snowy Owl by the beach. No such luck though. Although, I did wrap up a loose end on my life list. One day while searching for a picture I had taken of a Northern Gannet on my computer, I found an odd picture. After a bit of examination, I figured out it was a Long-Tailed Duck. Now when I took the picture, didn't know what a long tailed duck was... in fact, I couldn't tell the difference between a mallard and a merganser. So when I started my list, I feel it would be wrong to add Long-Tailed Duck to my life-List. So today, while searching for the Snowy Owl, I found a long-tailed Duck sitting in the water. I beautiful duck. And while I missed the Snowy Owl, I managed to tie up a loose end on my lifelist and get a great bird for my 2012 list!

Outing #5
Long-tailed duck *LB
Gadwall *LB
Laughing Gull *LB
Double breasted cormorant
Great black backed gull
Americn wigeon
Fish crow

2012 Total: 37

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