Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ice on the Pond and Cold in the Air

Birding has been tough the past few days. Cold Weather, Arctic winds, and cloudy have been the latest challenges. Now I didn't say I didn't bird. I went out twice Sunday and once today. Got some great pics of a Great Blue Heron and two mute swans sitting on the ice. When I went to go get pictures. Someone had scared off the Great Blue and he had flow over and was sitting in a nearby Osprey Nest Platform. It made for a great photo-op. I've attached 2 photos from today.

Sunday's birding was a bit more adventurous. Once again, I was on the prowl for the Snowy Owl. I am starting to come to grips with the fact that the snowy owl might just be my new nemesis. After all, I'd have to be at work, in the middle of something to not drop everything and rush out to see it. and I check the listservs and alerts manically. Well, in any case, there was no luck and I could not find a Snowy Owl or any owl for that matter. But I did see a Cooper's Hawk. Not only did I see him, but he ended up being about 15 ft from me when spotted. A small hawk but still very awesome. A quick stop by the harbor was more fruitful. Lots of gulls and ducks. I got some great new life birds and birds for 2012! List is below.

The ruddy ducks were a cool find. I've never seen them before and I love seeing a new duck. There were Greater Scaups out there two. Before I tell you about my last new bird, I want to tell you about a Mystery Bird. There was a Juvenile Brant hanging out with a bunch of Mallards. Never seen or even read about a Brant being alone. But the Brant was happy to just float around with the Mallard. The last new Bird I saw was a Redhead. A fun bird to see and I found a flock of them hanging out by a nice seafood place. I guess I will have to try it sometime. Full list of new birds below.

Outing #7
Cooper's Hawk *LB
Mourning Dove
Ruddy Duck *LB
Redhead *LB
Greater Scaup *LB

2012 Total: 46

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