Monday, March 18, 2013

Birding New York... Sorta

I decided to spend the day birding in New York.  While adding to my New York List was fun.  I was after a very special bird.  A Varied Thrush.  I missed Varied Thrush on my trip out west last summer to the Pacific NW and I was happy for the opportunity to pick up and see the bird.  Sadly my camera battery died before I could better pics but you can see several of the marks on the head in the picture below.

I got a real chance to see the birding culture of New York and I have to say that at least in Brooklyn, its very active and all the people I ran into were great!  They took time to show me around and made sure I didn't get lost.  I recommend saying hi to anyone with bins if you find yourself birding the park.  I hope to go back again soon and enjoy their walks!

2013 Year List: 101 (99 to go)
Notable Additions:
Northern Pintail (lifer)
Varied Thrush (lifer)
Eastern Phoebe
Fox Sparrow
Hermit Thrush

Life List 260 (40 to go!)

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