Thursday, March 21, 2013

Woodcock at Dusk

This the season to look for American Woodcock in grassy areas and celebrate the coming of spring.  This isn't as glamorous as it sounds.  The fields are wet, the winds are sharp, and when the sun is going down, the woodcocks come out.  At first, I was frustrated that there were no woodcock preening or displaying.  Then, as if they had all hit some switch, the preening and buzzing and nighttime flights began.

It was simply amazing to see this sign of spring be so active and so master this time and environment.  I was tripping into puddles, walking into bushes, and failed to capture a shot of any woodcock (which is why I've provided a video clip from Eagle Optics and the Birdchick).  Take a look and go out a dusk and look and listen for the American Woodcock!

Finding Mr. Woodcock (C) by Eagle Optics and The BirdChick

2013 Year List: 103
American Woodcock

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