Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Finally a Wood Duck!

I took a walk around my local birding haunt.  Having a regular birding haunt helps you to appreciate the change in seasons and the importance of habitat for birds.  There's a nice loop of fresh water lakes, brush, woods, and trails near my house.  I finally got a Wood Duck.  The Wood Duck is one of my all time favorite birds.  As I began to learn about birds, the Wood Duck seemed to be this mysterious icon of birds.  A local gem that would only reveal itself when one trekked long journeys and scaled great trails.  I saw these wood ducks by the side of a busy well traveled road.

This brings me to my next point.  As birders, sometimes we find ourselves as having insight into a world that is unknown to others.  We travel in odd packs and see things that are truly amazing.  Some see a dump, we see a learning ground and a habitat.  Some people just see a road, we see the brush habitat and edge habitat.  Birds are adaptable and everywhere, at least for now.  There are of course many dangers to birds and their amazing migrations.  Something to think about as the beautiful habitats that help our feathered friends.

 A Male and Female Wood Duck 
 A Flying Common Merganser
A Hidden Brown Creeper

2013 Year List: 89
Only Addition:
Wood Duck

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