Thursday, June 20, 2013

Black Skimmers

The Black Skimmer.  What an interesting bird.  In many ways so similar to a shore bird, but also so very different.  The Black Skimmer is black, white, and has a long orange and black bill.  Much like every other shorebird, until you get a look at their bill.  They are a strange looking bird.  One that makes you think you are just imagining them, that their long bills and unique behavior are just figments of your imagination.  They are however, very real and very awesome birds.  Connecticut is their most northern limit but there are a few nesting records here in the state.

Seeing them reminded me of the power of the Unicorn Effect.  When I heard about their being sighted in a near by site.  Being out in nature, provides any number of opportunities to be lost in it.  To be feel connected to it and feel its presence.  The Black Skimmer reminds me that I can reconnect myself to exotic nature in my own backyard.  Richard Louv, in Nature Principle, writes that "Near is the new far" and the Black Skimmer reminds me of this fact and that I re-live this again and again when I go outside!

All About Birds: Black Skimmer Link

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2013 Year List: 227
Black Skimmer (308 Total)

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