Sunday, June 9, 2013

Migration in Review

With Warbler Migration season wearing down, I think back to my early days of birding.  One of the things my birding mentor said to me was that there was no such thing as a migration season.  Sadly, work has such thing as busy seasons and I am wrapping up the school year. I've been stuck in the classroom and after school meetings which has affected my ability to go out and catch migration.  Dipping is definitely frustrating but not even getting the chance to dip is equally, if not more, frustrating.

As Migration winds down, its time to look for shorebirds and nesting birds.  I am looking forward to looking for nesting birds and exploring the environment.  In the meantime, its time to hunt out shorebirds, late migrants, and scope out spots with nests.  Birds are certain;y active. I've run into territorial Carolina Wrens, Killdeer dragging their wings, and bespectacled American Robins!  I'll also be going on a couple of Pelagics and doing some book reviews.  What are people reading out there?  I am trying to build a summer birding reading list.

While I go out and hunt down some photos, enjoy some bird photos!

 Terns and Turnstones
A Collection of Gulls in New Hampshire
 Olive-Sided Flycatcher
A Skulking Yellow-Headed Blackbird

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