Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fall Migration Madness

Fall Migration is a wonderful thing.  While it isn't over, its very exciting to be see birds come through again and some with good numbers, while we are still very concerned about the future of many species, its is still good to see nature being so active and working.  I had a easier time with Fall Migration last year due to spring being a busy season for teachers.  So far this Fall Migration has been a hit.

This week was the first week I could really get out after recovering from Birding in Dixie.  I have to say that the first trips outside were quite productive.  I've added a bunch of birds to my Connecticut List, Year List, and my Life List.  I even got one of my goal birds!  Of the past couple of days, I've seen a lot of birds, I'll just outline some of my favorites.

I am so thrilled to finally seen Clapper Rails and Bobolinks.  I can't count the numbers of close calls and dips for getting trying to find these two birds.  The Bobolinks were fluttering around a tidal grassland.  I didn't get great looks at them but its pretty hard to.  I hope to get better looks at them in the near future.

The Clapper Rail was a great pick up for me as I had been searching for one for a while.  They are awesome and mysterious birds.  People call them 'Chickens of the Marsh' and when I heard their call, I knew I was close to finally seeing this elusive bird.  When I finally saw the Rail, I can't tell you how excited I was.  I probably don't have to since I imagine most of you have felt the same way.

What bird or birds have literally made your heart skip a beat?

A Clapper Rail!

A Monarch Butterfly, Haven't seen too many of these guys around 

Can You Find the Sparrow???

Laughing and Herring Gulls

A Black-and-White Warbler

2013 Year List: 260
Recent Additions:
Bobolink LIFER and GOAL BIRD
Clapper Rail LIFER
Nashville Warbler
American Kestrel

Next: More Fall Migration!  Waterfowl!  Raptors!  Hawkwatch!

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