Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Famous American Golden-Plover

Thanks to the movie, The Big Year (Link) the American Golden-Plover has gained an almost mythic status to new birders.  In the Movie, Jack Black shares a scene with his father over the epic migration of the Golden-Plover.  And indeed the Golden-Plover's migration covers almost all of the Americas as they move from Tundra to Southern Cone.  This migration, coupled with free movie stardom, has made people flock and wonder at the American Golden-Plover.

For the bird enthusiast, the Golden-Plovers migration is just the start.  For most of us, who don't live in the tundra or southern cone, the Golden-Plover is only a casual visitor to our locales.  Connecticut is no exception.  Although the past week has seen more than a few Golden-Plovers, they are still delightful birds and worth chasing.  When one was reported at Hammonasset Beach State Park, I had to go and chase it.  This young GP was so cooperative that it got within 10 feet of me and allowed me to take some great pictures.  I can't wait to go chasing this bird again and be witness to its migration!

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American Golden-Plover in 

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  1. What a wonderful find!!! Congrats. Looking forward to you adventures. Chris

    1. Thanks Chris! I enjoyed finding the bird and seeing it so up close. It was a true birding pleasure!