Sunday, September 22, 2013

Migrants Migrants and More Migrants

Fall Migration is in full swing and Connecticut has had some great visitors in the past few weeks.  Amazingly, all the photos were taken at Hammonasset Beach State Park. I've attached links to the park below.  HBSP is an amazing park and one that has been classified as an Important Bird Area by National Audubon and people work to try to expand the park.  Recently, there were efforts to try and pave over the open grass and gravel parking lots and make them asphalt.  While this would increase the amount of non-point source population in the park, it would also decrease the open grass and gravel fields that so many birds love.  These parking lots have yielded, Golden Plovers, Black-Headed Gulls, Lapland Longspurs, Horned Larks, Lesser Black-Backed Gulls and many more.  News Link here  Since the Paving stopped, the Birds keep will coming back to this little spot.

My last visit here got me two great birds to add to my Connecticut List.  Wilson's Phalarope and American Golden-Plover.  I had seen both species before on my trip to Texas and got to see them in their breeding plumage.  While they weren't as decorated as when I saw them in spring, it was still a wonderful opportunity to see these birds.  The pharalope was having a good time playing hide-and-seek with the many birders trying to see it.  He kept darting in and out of  the tall grasses and we went picture crazy trying to snap a photo or two... or 50.  The Golden-Plover was playing a different game.  He was playing chicken with us and got within 10 feet of the birders watching him.  I am going to put a more detailed post of the pictures and poses I got from that experience in my next blog!  Until then, get outside and see some birds!

A Wilson's Phalarope

An American Golden Plover

A Snowy Egret and Little Blue Heron Face Off!

2013 Birds:

Hammonasset Beach State Park
Friends of Hammonasset

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