Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A visit to the Wetlands

Bird Quiz #4: What Bird is this?????

The answer to last week: Osprey!  Congrats to all who got it right!

In my new home, I visited the Newmans Wetland Center and the E.L. Huie Ponds in Clayton County (Link here).  I've been to this site before, but never in the fall.  Fall does not hit the Southeast like it does in the Northeast.  There are one or two trees that are changing here, but not many.  Back in the cold northeast, many trees are changing and fall is marked by nice long drives through the mountains, and fall-ish things like Apple and Pumpkin picking and, of course, fall migration.

The Southeast has its own wonders and it is nice to be a new place and experience a new season.  So far Fall here has a lot of rain and clouds mixed with some real sunny days.  But it is fall migration and a trip to the wetlands would hopefully yield some migrants.  While the trip yield some great shots of birds (see below), there weren't many migrants to speak of.  Hummers were still around and many titmice as well.  A few waterfowl were about as well to round off the trip. A great and interesting site and worth the visit any time!

Until the next time, get out and go birding!

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Young Great Blue Heron

Palm Warbler

Wild Bird Wednesday - Link here


  1. Very nice! Looks like a beautiful areas! How exciting to be in a new place with new birds and areas to explore.

  2. You will have a great time exploring a new area.

  3. Nice images. What fun to be exploring a totally new area.

  4. Pretty spots for birding, looks like you saw a nice variety.. Love the hummer.

  5. I need to get out there ...further than my yard! I'm running out of regulars....