Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Crowning Achievement

There are all sorts of birders out there.  One of the things I miss about New England Birding is the cold winds of shorebirding. Gusts of near zero or subzero winds while you are trying to count the dunlins and turnstones really made winter special.  Here in Georgia, Winter birding is different.  There are warm days and lots of sunshine and no subzero gusts.  I spent some time with a new friend enjoying her yard.  Even though it was raining, the birds were out in force.  In particular there was an awesome Orange Crowned Warbler and Ruby Crowned Kinglet.  The Rain made their Crowns very visible.

Some people have describe the Orange Crowned Warbler as our dullest most unremarkable Warbler and some of that stems from the fact that the OCWA hides its crown almost all of the time.  Yet, on this rainy day, the crown of the OCWA was barely visible.  Making it a real treat to see!  While I miss the cold wind, I think these Georgia summers have some exciting parts as well! Until the next time!

OCWA with hints of Orange in the Crown

And enjoying some Suet

A rain soaked RCKI

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  1. Now you don't see that everyday! Congrats!

  2. Cool, lucky you to have a warbler at your suet.. Great shots!