Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rufous Hummers in Georgia

Genetics and migration are funny things.  Sometimes Genetics dictates what birds will do from how they sing to how they migrate.  For some birds, genetics determines what song a bird will sing.  Flycatchers for example have their songs programmed in their genetic code and some birds have their migration programmed into them.  If these things are programed in, that means they can changed and I had the opportunity to visit with a friend of mine and see evidence of this recently.  In the past few years, Rufous Hummingbirds have started to really take a hold in southeast as their wintering grounds.

The pictures you see below are a a male RUHU that has successfully made its home in Georgia.  As you can see, he's growing into quite the male with resplendent colors.  This bird is a tough little reminder of the how difficult migration can be and how birds are pushing their own limits.  The RUHU is a delightful bird to see and enjoy.  

As we approach migration, its important to remember to the increasing rigors that are facing our feathered friends as they attempt to race across our continent to get to their breeding grounds.  Until the next time, get outside!

The Male Rufous at the Beginning of the Winter

Starting to show off his colors

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  1. Cute hummer. I can not wait to start seeing the hummers.. Great shots!

  2. I have a feeling they are going to migrate early again this year. Here it's warm but everywhere else it's like a frozen tundra!!! Hope they don't freeze and stay awhile in Arizona:)

  3. Such a beautiful little bird.

  4. I had a Rufous Hummer at my feeder in south TX once, just passing through. It was a wonderful moment!

  5. Oh, how delightful to see a new bird moving in! Hummingbirds are so pretty and graceful. You're so lucky!

  6. They are such amazing and beautiful little things....

  7. What a fascinating post! He's really beautiful!