Saturday, February 25, 2012

City Parks

I spent the other day birding all around my hometown, I learned a lot about the birds of my hometown. Lots of great birding to be had. In 3 parks I saw some amazing birds. While I only added 2 to my year total and got 0 life birds, I saw a great deal of birds that were new for me in Connecticut and new for me in here. Bald Eagles, Swamp and Field Sparrows, Ring-Necked Ducks, Buffleheads, House Finches and a Mallard drake with a purple head. I noticed the Bald Eagle in the park when every little bird that I had been following flew into brush or in between large rocks. Nothing is scarier to many creatures than the sight of a Bald Eagle. In fact I felt bad for the Red-Tailed Hawk patrolling the same area as he was virtually ignored. Of course, that probably meant he had better hunting opportunities.

Urban Parks provide great insights into the balance of nature and humanity. Once again, its just a matter of seeing. Sometimes you can see the power humans have on nature. Oil tankers, trash and roads cut through parks and make their marks on how animals, plants and all forms of life have to make their way. yet, nature, not just birds, seem to find a way. yet, when a park is cleaned, valued, and enjoyed, nature and humanity can flourish together and enjoy each other.

Outing #17
Common Grackle
Green-Winged Teal

2012 Total: 90

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