Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February... More like No-Snow-Uary

Today's birding is brought to you by compression shirts. Just kidding. We are enjoying a real odd winter. Last Winter saw a record amount of Snow dumped on us but this winter has seen very little snow. I've been enjoying walking around the warm weather and there are plenty of birds I want to chase but because of school and work requirements, I've had to scale back my birding. I have managed to get a few birds though on short walks. The real gem of the week has been seeing Trumpeter Swans. Not really a common bird on the east coast so a nice grab for me. With the weather warming, Canada geese are starting to show up en masse and I know that soon more and more birds will be migrating through. So the goal for the next few weeks is to keep my eyes open for some new migrants and go chase a new birds... I am planning on a going chases soon and an eagle cruise. Well, back to the grind, good birding!

Outing #11:
American Robin
Black-Capped Chickadee
Trumpeter Swan LB
Wild Turkey

2012 Total: 54

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