Monday, May 6, 2013

Birding in Central Park

Today we birded New York's Central Park.  Migration, in the Northeast, has been slow with just a few migrants here and there.  While the Day was slow it was a fun day in the park.  Lots of people were out and about.  Many people know that the Park is a completely artificial and manufactured environment.  It was designed to bring oxygen and natural life into New York City with hopes that oxygen and nature might civilize New York.  Many have written about the different parts of Central Park and the role it plays it for migrating birds, including me!

We entered the park with a goal of 20 birds.  I set a low bar because I was unfamiliar with the park and migration has been slow.  Long Story short, We were short 2 birds.  Part of the problem was that we only got 1 species of Warbler, a Yellow Warbler.  We did however manage to see Pale Male, a famous Red-Tailed Hawk Central Park Resident, and several nesting birds.  BC Chickadees, Blue Jays, and Robins were all in full swing with their nests.  It was a lovely day in the park and great to see tons of birders out!  I hope to get outside soon!

 Turtle Pond North of Belvedere Castle
 Pair of Mallards
A bit of the skyline feature the home of Pale Male, can you see it?

2013 Year List: 154
Bank Swallow

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