Saturday, May 4, 2013

Glossy Ibis

The Glossy Ibis.  Besides Birding, my other love is history and the Ibis is a historic bird.The Egyptians loved the Ibis and it formed part of their mythology.  Egrets and Hawks also did, but the Ibis has been found mummified and made into statues.  Many of the Ancient Peoples believed that Ibis and many birds held secrets as important as the origins of Civilization and life itself!  Ancient Egyptians believed that hawks were the first forms of life on the earth and believed that they held the secrets to the notions of Justice, Truth, and  Creation.  Pretty impressive and understandable.  Birds have mastered the sky, ground, and water and with such grace.

When I see the Glossy Ibis, I feel a part of that early Human tradition of appreciating and wondering about the birds before me.  What I need technology to do, move around the planet efficiently and quickly, find food/directions, and protect myself from the elements, birds seem to conquer on a daily basis.  The Hummers that show up the next few days will have braved a cross continental flight that we couldn't match in terms of speed and challenge.  The Glossy Ibis shape, color, and habits all have a mystery that we haven't mastered yet.  Perhaps one day, we'll know a little more!

Glossy Ibises
Glossy Ibises
Glossy Ibises
Great Egrets
A Nearby Killdeer

2013 Year List: 153
American Redstart
Black-Throated Green Warbler
Blue-Winged Warbler

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