Friday, August 2, 2013

Birding by Eye

I want to be an altruistic birder.  I want to see the birds for the sake of seeing the birds themselves.  That doesn't seem to be working out.  While I am definitely not some crazy lister than only cares about what they see next.  I want to see all the birds I can and now I want to have photos of them and what I am seeing to be able to share them.  So I guess that makes me a selfish birder...

That's ok to.  I can use my selfish birder to make things better for the birds and people everywhere.  I've noticed recently that when I am out with non-birders, I go full on into teacher-mode.  Let's look at this, What do you see here, What do you think... start about 90% of my sentences.  Connecting with nature is key these days and I feel a need to help people do just that.  Maybe birding just isn't about the birds after all.  Its about all of us on this planet and sharing one large super-complex ecosystem. That's a heavy thought for the weekend, maybe it is just about the lists....

I had to take a step back after chasing after a picture of a little Marsh Wren.  I struggled with just enjoying is song and admiring how well suited he was for his environment.  I had to have a photo of him.  I needed the photo.  So I decided to settle for just a slight picture of him.  Can you spot him in the last photo?

Semipalmated Plover and Least Sandpiper
Greater Yellowlegs 
Some Herring Gulls just hanging out
Can you spot the Marsh Wren?

Coming Soon:
Photos from a pelagic and A review of the Warbler Guide

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