Friday, August 23, 2013

Birding in Dixie: Atlanta

Birding in Dixie: Atlanta Clayton County International Park, Clayton County Water Authority Wetlands and Huie Ponds, Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Birding in Dixie took me to the Great City of Atlanta.  Atlanta is well situated amongst different environments in Georgia.  To the south you can reach the coast plains and the Coast.  To the North you have the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Atlanta is well situated in the Piedmont Region so it holds a tremendous amount of geographic diversity.  There are several great spots you can visit in Atlanta.

A Blue Bird in Clayton County International Park (LINK)

A Muscovy Duck (Domestic Type)

A Grey Catbird at Atlanta Botanical Gardens (LINK)

A Chimney Swift over the ABG

A Quail in the Greenhouse at the Botanical Gardens *not countable*

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