Sunday, October 13, 2013

West Rock, Birds and a Morning Hike

This weekend, I took a hike up a park.  While East Rock is well know to New Haven and Connecticut Birders, West Rock is often forgotten and ignored.  For instance, East Rock has, on ebird(c) 195 species while West Rock sits at 74.  Even the neighboring Edgewood Park also can only boast 102.  But that's how it goes sometime.

So the park was a buzz with birds.  There were lots of birds all over the park.  From the Parking lot to the Rock's Summit, I could hardly take a step without seeing some birds.  Chickadees and Vireos were all over the place.  Jays popped up all over the place.  Nuthatches and Woodpeckers were feasting.  Warblers were singing and kissing the air.  The famous residents of West Rock are Ravens and Peregrine Falcons weren't anywhere to be found.  Perhaps migration has helped them along.  There also Vultures soaring about.  I also found some fox droppings on the trail.  The Park was definitely a haven for all things nature and birds and I can't wait to get back.

While some parks get ignored, it seems that city parks in New Haven are getting more and more attention.  Many people are starting to work harder and harder towards making these parks better and more accessible.  Introducing more native plants and more landscaping with bird-habitat.  It seems that at one time or another, every park in New Haven undergoes positive changes and new plantings, I can't wait to see what they'll do next and what birds will pop up!  I think I might adopt a local park to bird once a week to try and boost the local bird list and appreciate more of New Haven's local parks.  Any feedback on this idea would be appreciated.

Black-Capped Chickadee

Hairy Woodpecker

A Dragonfly

Not West Rock, But a local pond with a Female Northern Shoveler and Euraisan Wigeon!

2013 Year List: 265
Eurasian Wigeon

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