Thursday, October 17, 2013

Book Review: North Atlantic Wildlife

Before I took my pelagic trips this summer, I bought A Field Guide to North Atlantic Wildlife by Noble Proctor and Patrick Lynch, published by the Yale UP in 2005.  The Guide was recommended to me by the Brookline Bird Club ( before I went on one of their pelagic trips.  I have to say that the book has been very useful in almost every regard.  The Plates and the information contained in the book are incredible.  I've attached a plate of the Atlantic Flying fish to provide an example.

The Information in the book about the water of the North Atlantic is invaluable for anyone who wants to do a pelagic trip or know more about want lies beyond the beach.  The information contained in this book makes a useful entry into this world.  The book starts with a oceangraphic overview of the area.  How the different canyons affect the water temperature and what that means for the biology of the North Atlantic.  The book also introduces the history of the region and namely the role that fishing has played in the region.  There the vignette of the history of fishing off of Newfoundland that has rendered that fishery to be in dire straits.  This book provides a great introduction to looking at the geology that shapes the Atlantic Ocean.

The other great thing about this page is the biological information that it provides for the animals and plants of the North Atlantic.  From Leatherback Sea Turtles to Lion's Mane Jelly to Great Shearwater, there are well-written, concise explanations of the habitat, tendencies, and tools to identification of the different animals and plants of the North Atlantic.  This is helpful for anyone working to identify the different creatures they might encounter in this diverse world.  I have to say that since I bought this book, I've found it incredibly useful and take it out with me if I am going on a boat or going to be near the ocean. It is a definite must have for field work, reference, and one's personal understanding of some amazing birds, animals and plants!

Atlantic Flying Fish Plate

The Cover

This book and all images are (C) of Noble Proctor, Patrick Lynch, and Yale University Press 2005

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