Friday, October 11, 2013

Nature's Majesty can be found in a Dead Turtle

Nature is certainly majestic.  There is nothing more impressive than the diversity of animals that grace this planet.  Normally I write about birds and while they are impressive creatures in their own right, I had the opportunity to see a washed up leatherback sea turtle carcass.  I heard about the turtle over the birding list-serve and headed down to Milford Point to see this impressive animal.  While I definitely could smell the turtle before I saw it, it was a bit of a bizarre experience to see them in an area so outside of their normal environment.

When I visited the animal, there were several people looking at and standing around it.  They were guessing, asking questions, getting close to the turtle, and just about everything else (without damaging the carcass).  It reminded me of the different historical anecdotes of when sea creatures would be washed up on shores.  People would flock to these events and they would become major events in a locality's history.  Various news outlets have been out cover this turtle's arrival on a Milford shore and standing with my fellow Nutmegers made me feel like I was re-enacting these old medieval gathers while also seeing a truly hidden treasure of nature.  I have to say that while I was sorry to see this animal dead and not alive, I was glad I could share a moment with it.

The Carcass of the Leatherback Turtle

The Carcass from a Distance!

Detail of the shell

Detail of the Head of said Turtle

WTNH Story about the Turtle - Link
National Geographic Page - Link

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