Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Birding Photos... or at least trying...

What do the above photos have in common?  They were my attempts to photograph a Golden-Crowned Kinglet.  I visited a park that had yielded many thrushes and warblers and was hoping for an early surprise.  The only find were a couple of very active golden-crowned kinglets.  I tried to snap a quick picture of them and then explore the park.  I don't want to say that birds are cooperative photo subjects.  But the Kinglet, by its nature, its very active.  The pair of them took about 40 photos to get one in good focus.  While I got a couple of good shots, I thought about the arduous task of trying to capture nature in photo.

In the end, i got my picture of the GC Kinglet, but more importantly, the practice of getting the photo, really helped to experience the life and habits of the Kinglet.  I had read that they were fast moving and "flirty" as some call it.  But to have a personal experience and struggle with it, means that I will remember how the kinglets move about.  When I began birding, I kept a note book and write down observations and questions, and I would even go back and draw other pictures from what I saw and could find on the internet.  Sadly, I've moved away from that and I hope to return soon.  But more on that later.

Below are the best picture I got of the birds and a clip from Youtube so you can see how active they are:

(C) Garth McElroy

2013 Year List: 117 (83 to go!)
Golden-Crowned Kinglet
Pectoral Sandpiper
Piping Plover (next post!)

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